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As you welcome the New Year, you may have already set up new goals; but equally important is to have your finances in order. Therefore, to help you build your relationship with money this 2023, it is essential to understand how it works in order to help you nurture it. Undoubtedly, a positive relationship means financial wellness. But it also means location freedom when it comes to traveling while creating and working on your own online business.

Over the years, I’ve worked on healing my relationship with money and it has had a great impact in my financial life. Great news is… If I can do it, you can do it too! I’ve come up with 7 journal prompts for you to work on and get a sense of what my membership Brain Gym will be like, that will make you become more magnetic and help you attract what you have been longing for. 

If you are ready to make some changes about your finances… Go get your favorite journal and pen. Get comfortable and keep reading!

1. What is your parent’s story with money

  • What is your mother’s story with money?

  • Your father’s?

  • Their parents? 

  • What do you want yours to be like?

Why is it important to understand your parents’ relationship with money in order to heal yours? You may not always be aware but your parents’ and family history with money, usually shapes your own habits with money -without you even noticing. For instance, while saving, spending, handling debt… where they constantly stressed? Or frustrated? Can you think of comments and views they had around money? maybe even about the topic itself? These are things influencing you as you are shaping your beliefs as a kid.

It is understandable to mirror their behavior, but the work lies on being aware and working towards healing your relationship to obtain financial health. Often, we don’t realize how many aspects of our lives are influenced by this and tend to blame money itself or even someone else for our lack of self-work. There are always things you can personally do to improve this.

2. If your financial reality would grow x100… would you travel and create your own online business?

  • What opportunities/blessings/gifts would you experience?

  • Is there something else you would be able to choose?

  • Would you have more time to do something you love?

  • Is there something different you could create, give and receive?

I invite you to open your mind and allow yourself to dream! By thinking abundantly, you are allowing yourself to receive. Think about that online business you are so desperately trying to build. Are you constantly thinking about how you are not able to start your entrepreneurial career? Instead of focusing on the cons, I challenge you to fantasize about it.

Every step counts. As you become more aware of your feelings towards money, you start becoming mindful of what you already have and what you can attract, even if you can’t have it now. Have confidence in yourself that you will have it in the future. 

In fact, having a relationship with money is just like having a relationship with a partner, a friend or a family member. It takes time for it to flourish, grow and to become a trusting relationship. 

Moreover, a tip I can give you is to “plan dates” for you and your money. Just like you would with a friend. An example of this can be just 10 minutes of Mindfulness. Here you work on certain prompts that will allow you to shift those negative feelings towards it, and change your perspective. 

Lucky for you, I’m about to re-launch Brain Gym! Which is basically your Netflix of Mindfulness. Just as you train your body, your brain requires constant work and piece of mind. As opposed to its first launch, in this one you will get guided meditations, journal prompts and activities to connect with your body, yourself and your purpose. We focus on healing your relationship with money and provide you with the tools and the right mindset you need to start the online business you are dreaming of!

3. What are the “spendings” you resent the most?

  • What do you get from these payments?

First of all, think about where your money goes, what are you spending on the most and how do you feel about it. Healing your relationship with money means spending your money in ways that feel positive to you and add value to your life. You may find that you resent payment you actually need or enjoy, for instance: heat, electricity or rent.

Look at it as a mindfulness activity. Pay for things you love and give value to. At the same time invest your time and money on things you enjoy, need and believe in. You should feel empowered when you buy something you can afford that matches your needs at that specific time in your life. Be grateful, feel abundant and observe how money flows your way. 

Replace negative attitudes towards money like “I can’t afford this” by positive statements like “Let’s work towards it and I will be able to afford it!” In this way, you are building this relationship as if it is meant for you and you deserve it.

4. How do I feel whenever someone brings up “money” in a conversation?

  • What kind of things would I like to be able to say?

Think about how you feel when someone mentions the word “money”. Even the word “finances” may make you skip a beat. We tend to associate these words with “stress”, “poor management skills”, “frustration”, “fear”, “anger” even “sadness”. As this relationship is formed in your early years, it becomes a mix of emotions depending on what the people around you felt about it. In fact, even answering these prompts may make you feel uncomfortable. 

Most people don’t even know what a healthy relationship with money is actually like. Instead of constantly worrying about it, learn to understand it, how it works and where it is going. 

5. Why do I feel ashamed to say I want more money? 

  • Whose voice am I listening to? 

  • Does this person have the financial reality I desire?

Growing up, we have learned to be ashamed of not having enough money or the opposite, having too much money! We tend to categorize money itself as something negative. When in reality, money is neutral. It is a tool to exchange goods and services, it doesn’t carry any emotion.

By pulling away from these feelings of scarcity, you will find abundance and understand how money works for you and not against you. Not only this, but it will affect you in a positive way when it comes to growing your online business and attracting new clients. Think about why you are feeling this way, whose emotions you are actually mirroring. 

It is equally important to be self aware that most of the time we define our worth by how much money we have. However, you need to detach those feelings from money itself and be mindful of where your value actually comes from. Truth is, the more you value yourself, the more you will feel worthy of attracting money and receive it with an abundant mindset.

6. If money would come to speak to you, what would it say to you?

  •  What would you like to say to it?

First and foremost, starting a journal to speak with money is a great tool towards healing this relationship. Writing your thoughts and feelings on paper will help you put words to it and allow you to freely express what you feel without judgment. As a result this will help you shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance. As you start thinking with this perspective, you will start feeling this way too! 

Besides, being grateful also plays an important role. In turn, this helps you focus on what you already have, rather than what you wish or think you should have. Think about all the things going your way in your life right now. You can create more of this and become magnetic in all aspects of your life.

7. Write a letter to money

  • apologize for how you have treated it in the past, let her know what has changed and what different actions you will take this time for a different outcome. How do you want it to feel when it comes to you + how do you want to feel

Without a doubt, say hello to your financial wellness journey! All these tools will make it a smooth process. If you need guidance building your own profitable online business, join my only membership “Brain Gym” which will be re-launched soon! In fact, the results my clients have shown have been outstanding! 

Indeed, I will help you go from restricted time and money to traveling while you work in your own online dream business. I promise you, you will feel abundant in no time!

As a result, over the years, I’ve read some money-related books that have had a great impact in my financial life and helped me heal this relationship. Therefore, I wrote an article telling you all about it! Here I share with you 3 books I highly recommend if you are ready to make some changes about your finances! And finally, don’t forget you can get financial and time freedom by taking the Goal Getter Roadmap course NOW for just under $100!

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