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What would you do for a living if money wasn’t an issue?

Welcome to VCA:

Your step-by-step to build your very own profitable and scalable online business from your living room without the need of:

  • $10k investment
  • Web developer
  • 20k followers on Instagram

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What will you learn:

  • How to build long-lasting habits + attract success
  • How to position yourself like an expert on social media
  • How to constantly and effortlessly attract clients
  • Exactly what to post weekly (5 week calendar)
  • Methodology to make $5,000 monthly in 3 months
  • How to build a landing page that SELLS
  • How to heal your relationship with money

See how Ivanna lives the REMOTE LIFE:

When I first met Lore I thought  “this is what I want to do”. I finally see someone who embodies something I could have a passion for.

After doing her 7 day social media challenge, I reached 3 paying clients, I was invited to speak at an international organization I highly admire, AND invited to speak on a podcast!!

Her methodologies work, they provide structure, organization, motivation, & incredible support from a community that is beyond inspirational.

-Ivanna hurtado (Creativity and wellness coach)

The Virtual Coach Academy is NOT:

❌A magic pill to gain followers

❌Another program only focused on numbers

❌A cult based off intuition only

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I felt like this too

  • Wanting to start this new path but second-guessing myself every time
  • Unsure of my credibility
  • Confused on how to begin
  • Uncomfortable creating and posting content
  • Like I am not creative/professional/pretty enough
  • Not seeing results
  • Worried about financial stability but frustrated with my current situation

Sounds like you?

If you identify yourself with 2 or more,
VCA is for you!

Or maybe

  • Constantly advising your friends and knowing that you are great at it
  • Creating a blog or a podcast and hiding it because of shame
  • Secretly daydreaming of how would life look if I became a coach
  • Enjoying helping others and wanting to do this for a living
  • Liking your job at the beginning but deeply KNOWING that it is not your place or purpose
  • Uncomfortable with the idea of creating content online

And how about now you ask yourself how would it feel to…

(DM me about this!)

  • Travel while you work
  • Live with financial stability and abundance
  • Be able to manage your time -flexibility to grab a coffee mid-afternoon!
  • Spend your summer in the coast of Italy and Paris while working
  • Not over-think if you can buy or invest on something
  • Trust your credibility and capacities
  • Spread your message, be heard and have an impact on others’ lives
  • Feel successful, capable and deserving
  • Be able to choose between working at a new city, cafe or from bed
  • → This is why I created The Virtual Coach Academy

Are you ready for

Financial FREEDOM


Location FREEDOM


Week 1

The basis no one talks about (mindset shifts based on neurology and intuition)

  • How to truly build new habits
  • Identify your purpose
  • I can do it all
  • BONUS: Calendar structure


Week 2

How to begin your living room empire and become a magnetic coach

  • Find your purpose, mission statement and translate that into content creation
  • Strategy behind a magnetic coach
  • The 3 types of content you should be creating
  • BONUS: Sheet to integrate your learnings


Week 3

Methodology to constantly attract clients effortlessly

  • Methodology to Attract Clients Effortlessly
  • Sell without being salesly
  • How to have an Instagram page that attracts prospect clients
  • How to position yourself as an expert on social media


Week 4

A successful offer

  • Methodology to do $5,000 monthly in 3 months
  • A successful offer
  • How success works
  • Your ICP and how to connect with them


Week 5

A successful offer

  • Methodology to do $5,000 monthly in 3 months
  • A successful offer
  • How success works
  • Your ICP and how to connect with them



How to transition from your current job into this one

  • How to heal your relationship with money
  • What is profit? How to make sure you always get one
  • How to allocate your money
  • When and how to sell a COURSE


Payment options & Payment plans

Pay in Full, 2 parts or 3 parts

  • Tier 1 full = $467
    • 2 payments Tier 1 = $205/month
    • 3 payments Tier 1 = $147/month
  • Tier 2 full = $555
    • 2 payments Tier 2 = $247/month
    • 3 payments Tier 2 = $170/month

Take a look inside the community:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1h:30 a week to watch the program + 2 hours a week to create content =3-3.5 hours a week. YOU DEFINITELY CAN DO THIS, just go now and check how much time you spend on your phone daily

  • Tier 1 gives you access to all the recorded classes in The Virtual Coach Academy
  • Tier 2 gives you access to all the classes, 5 workbooks, a 3 months community to ask questions and receive support, bonuses and if you are in the founders edition: access to The Influencer Manual course for free
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