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The Virtual Coach Academy

Are you looking for time, financial and location FREEDOM?

Welcome to VCA:

Your step-by-step to build your very own profitable and scalable online business in 8 weeks from the comfort of your couch, without the need of:

  • $10k investment
  • Web developer
  • 20k followers on Instagram

I’ve been featured in:

Utel University
Universidad de Barcelona

Consistent $5k+ to your bank account

The 3 phases of VCA


Build your living room empire
  • How to truly build new habits
  • Identify your purpose
  • Strategy behind a magnetic coach
  • Bonus: 20 hr workweek template, sheet to integrate your learnings


Attract clients effortlessly
  • Sell without being salesy
  • Attract clients effortlessly
  • Methodology to make $5,000 consistently
  • Simplify content creation
  • A successful offer
  • Bonus: 11pager Ideal costumer profile, coaching agreement template, landing page layout, content organizer template


Your 6 figures incubator
  • Build a successful podcast from scratch to million downloads
  • Create a 6 figures course launch
    • Know exactly what to sell
    • Validate your topic
    • Make your course an attractive no-brainer
    • From pricing to abundance
    • Tested marketing method
  • Bonus: 5 week calendar with what exactly to post (including stories!!), to-do’s while launching, how to get through without fear

Don’t worry about the logistics, I crafted everything out for you, all you have to do is execute (and have fun!).

What you will learn:

  • How to get new paying clients, maximize profit (and impact) from current ones and see your revenues increase every three months
  • How to position yourself like an expert on social media
  • How to build long-lasting habits + attract success
  • How to constantly and effortlessly attract clients
  • Exactly what to post weekly (5 week calendar)
  • Recipe to make $5,000 monthly
  • How to build a landing page that SELLS
  • How to heal your relationship with money
  • All-done-for-you Asana board with checklists

What my past clients have to say

Mateo Cilloniz

I began working with Lore when I didn’t have a steady income so I  took a leap of faith with the investment.

  • A month after getting my certification, I already had 5 clients enrolled in my 3 months program, -today I have clients from more than 7 different countries.
  • I was invited to a top-charted podcast with over 311K followers and even began my very own podcast show.
  • I am currently building my own online program and know I have all the tools to do so.

I tell everyone that wants to dive into the coaching world to begin with Lore in order to see results and connect with your purpose.

Anaïs Skoutariotis

One my of main goals when I started personalized coaching with Lore was to have more time for myself but also more financial freedom. I have achieved BOTH.

  • I was invited to be a coach in a world-renowned platform, giving me the passive income I had been looking for.
  • I have successfully doubled my prices for 1:1 coaching
  • I started a mindfulness platform for corporate businesses and am currently building my first online program, I feel guided and supported all the way through.

Denisse Mensch

Lore pushed me harder than I expected to see the results I wanted and it paid off, she does this while making you feel safe and capable.

  • I have learned to organize my days to be able to prioritize my life, my family and my business.
  • I became the first Ecuadorian certified in Mercier therapy, and I am booked every week.
  • I finally feel financially independent, confident in what I offer and proud to see my own clients overcome their fertility issues -today I have countless testimonies!

Did you see the money back guarantee on the VIP seats?!

100 day checklist with
exactly what to do

daily feedback from me

Access to me and my
marketing team weekly

The Virtual Coach Academy is NOT:

❌A magic pill to gain followers

❌Another program only focused on numbers

❌A cult based off intuition only


Week 1

The basis no one talks about (neuro-business foundations)

  • How to truly build new habits
  • Identify your purpose
  • I can do it all
  • BONUS: Calendar structure


Week 2

How to begin your living room empire and become a magnetic coach

  • Find your purpose, mission statement and translate that into content creation
  • Strategy behind a magnetic coach
  • The 3 types of content you should be creating
  • BONUS: Sheet to integrate your learnings


Week 3

Methodology to constantly attract clients effortlessly

  • Methodology to Attract Clients Effortlessly
  • Sell without being salesly
  • How to have an Instagram page that attracts prospect clients
  • How to position yourself as an expert on social media

BONUS: How to simplify your content creation + Content batch creation


Week 4

An irresistible offer

  • Methodology to do $5,000 monthly in 3 months
  • A successful offer
  • How success works
  • Your ICP and how to connect with them

BONUS: 5 pager to create your ICP


Week 5 + 6

How to sell out your first online program

  • AIDA marketing calendar (I tell you exactly what to post for 5 whole weeks -stories included!!)
  • How to build a course
  • Validate your topic
  • Create your sales sytem
  • Your musts pre-launching
  • Your musts post-launching
  • And MORE


Week 7

How to host a top-charted podcast show (globally)

  • Plattforms to use
  • What you don’t need to focus on
  • How to launch by already having subscribers
  • And MORE



How to transition from your current job into this one

  • How to heal your relationship with money
  • What is profit? How to make sure you always get one
  • How to allocate your money
  • When and how to sell a COURSE


See how Ivanna lives the REMOTE LIFE:

When I first met Lore I thought  “this is what I want to do”. I finally see someone who embodies something I could have a passion for.

After doing her 7 day social media challenge, I reached 3 paying clients, I was invited to speak at an international organization I highly admire, AND invited to speak on a podcast!!

Her methodologies work, they provide structure, organization, motivation, & incredible support from a community that is beyond inspirational.

-Ivanna hurtado (Creativity and wellness coach)

You are not really buying a 7-week course here (+ 1 year community).
You are buying: financial, time and location FREEDOM

I felt like this too

  • Wanting to start this new path but second-guessing myself every time
  • Unsure of my credibility
  • Confused on how to begin
  • Uncomfortable creating and posting content
  • Like I am not creative/professional/pretty enough
  • Not seeing results
  • Worried about financial stability but frustrated with my current situation

Sounds like you?

If you identify yourself with 2 or more,
VCA is for you!

Or maybe

  • Constantly advising your friends and knowing that you are great at it
  • Creating a blog or a podcast and hiding it because of shame
  • Secretly daydreaming of how would life look if I became a coach
  • Enjoying helping others and wanting to do this for a living
  • Liking your job at the beginning but deeply KNOWING that it is not your place or purpose
  • Uncomfortable with the idea of creating content online

And how about now you ask yourself how would it feel to…

(DM me about this!)

  • Travel while you work
  • Live with financial stability and abundance
  • Be able to manage your time -flexibility to grab a coffee mid-afternoon!
  • Spend your summer in the coast of Italy and Paris while working
  • Not over-think if you can buy or invest on something
  • Trust your credibility and capacities
  • Spread your message, be heard and have an impact on others’ lives
  • Feel successful, capable and deserving
  • Be able to choose between working at a new city, cafe or from bed
  • → This is why I created The Virtual Coach Academy

Take a look inside the community:

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Frequently Asked Questions

3-4 hours a week!

1.5 hours a week to watch the program

1hour to apply the material/fill the workbook

1.5 hours a week to create content.

YOU DEFINITELY CAN DO THIS, just go now and check how much time you spend on your phone daily

  • Tier 1 gives you access to all the recorded classes in The Virtual Coach Academy
  • Tier 2 gives you access to all the classes, 8 workbooks, a 1 year community with challenges, to ask questions and receive support. You also get 3 LIVE calls with Lore.
  • VIP seats are limited because you get (everything from tier 2) plus
    • Personalized daily feedback with Lore.
    • Access to her marketing team.
    • An all-done-for-you Asana board shared with Lore.
    • Money back guarantee if in 100 days you haven’t generated at least $1,000. 
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