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I am a Psychobiologist, with a Masters in Cognitive Neurology and the first LATINA Mindfulness Life Coach. I turned my passion for how the human body works and the world behind emotions into a methodology (BodyMemos®), a company that today has changed the lives of more than 1,000 people in less than a year.

I’m super excited you’re here! I extend a hug to you from NYC, and I welcome you to the place where I teach thousands of women to create a life of PEACE + PRODUCTVITY. I consider myself a mindset guru so you will learn the unlimited power of connecting with yourself, your body and the planet so that you can recover your authenticity and FREEDOM.

Additionally, after years working with the brands of my dreams, I designed a step-by-step program to generate money on Instagram (and social networks) by creating content! You’re going to learn exactly how to business and pitch.
Are you ready?!

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1 week Brain Gym
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To flow through your day… EVEN if you have a busy brain

It includes over +200 journal prompts, guided meditations, body connection exercises, and moments of insightful learning.

Brain Gym
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a day!

The 1st ever mindfulness membership for the busy brains and entrepreneurs. From Monday to Friday have your daily dose of 10 minutes of Mindfulness with Lore.

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Copy, Criticism, Envy and Success.
Reclaim your abundance…
Manifesting something easily



¡Todas las bases que necesitas para dejar de
depender y encontrar tu libertad!
Aprende a no depender de audios guiados,
check-lists y vivir con dolores crónicos. Una
guía rápida para pasar de sobrevivir a Vivir.

Online Courses

Goal Getter Roadmap

Build your OWN logical framework enhanced with spiritual tools

  • A tested 1 year roadmap for success
  • Crunch your goals this 2023
  • Be accountable to yourself


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Virtual Coach Academy

Your step-by-step to build your very own profitable and scalable online business from your living room without the need of:

  • $10k investment
  • Web developer
  • 20k followers on Instagram

I teach you all strategy to earn thousands of $$$ per month, PLUS It is one of the most fun and flexible jobs in the industry! What are you waiting for?



Brain GYM

¡Tu dosis diaria de mindfulness con Lore en 10
Ahora sí, no hay excusas! Así como entrenas tu
cuerpo en el gym, tu salud mental merece la
misma constancia. Lore te comparte
meditaciones, mini podcasts, journal prompts y
más para que estés en constante evolución.

Private Coaching

Energy sessions with me for YOU and YOUR COMPANY!

We define:

  • Your sales strategy
  • How to attract your ideal customer
  • Generate impact
  • Stand out among your competitors
  • Unlock your limitations.


To apply, send an email to Lore: info@lorevelasquez.com

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What my clients have to say!

Mateo Cilloniz

I began working with Lore when I didn’t have a steady income so I  took a leap of faith with the investment.

  • A month after getting my certification, I already had 5 clients enrolled in my 3 months program, -today I have clients from more than 7 different countries.
  • I was invited to a top-charted podcast with over 311K followers and even began my very own podcast show.
  • I am currently building my own online program and know I have all the tools to do so.

I tell everyone that wants to dive into the coaching world to begin with Lore in order to see results and connect with your purpose.

Belén Rada

2 weeks doing Brain Gym and wow!

I am amazed at the peace and balance Brain Gym has brought into my life in just 2 weeks and how quickly it has become a non-negotiable for me. My anxiety is much more controlled and I have discovered feelings and fears that I didn’t even know I had.

Brain Gym’s workbooks are simple but so effective (sometimes it feels as if it had been designed just for me)!

Thank you Lore for putting so much love and dedication to this membership!

Anaïs Skoutariotis

One my of main goals when I started personalized coaching with Lore was to have more time for myself but also more financial freedom. I have achieved BOTH.

  • I was invited to be a coach in a world-renowned platform, giving me the passive income I had been looking for.
  • I have successfully doubled my prices for 1:1 coaching
  • I started a mindfulness platform for corporate businesses and am currently building my first online program, I feel guided and supported all the way through.


A space where I teach you things in a SIMPLE way, systematized and step-by-step so that you can apply them right away!
We talk about Coaching, Mindfulness, Content Creation and Lifestyle so you can generate $$$ working from anywhere in the world and partner with your the brands of your dream on social networks.
Of course I talk Travel – I give you my favorite recommendations, and a summary of the Podcast for when you can’t listen!

Work according to your cycle, not against it!

Discover how embracing your menstrual cycle’s four phases can revolutionize your life. Break free from misconceptions, learn to work with hormonal fluctuations, and optimize your routine for peak productivity, creativity, and well-being.

How To Become an Online Life Coach in 8 Simple Steps

Learn essential steps and valuable tips to build a strong online presence, define your coaching niche, and connect with clients.

Why I stopped reading Self Help Books And Why You Should Consider It Too

Here I give you my tips on how to read self-help books and why I think you should reconsider reading them.

Work with me



I am passionate about educating, sharing and creating connections with different people! This is why I’ve delivered talks at internationally recognized universities and prestigious luxury gyms that has provided me with unique opportunities to share my insights with diverse audiences.

I’m also fascinated with collaborating with esteemed guest speakers on my Podcast which creates a dynamic dialogue that not only empowers our team but also inspires our audience! There is no doubt these experiences enrich our knowledge and also enable us to connect and learn from individuals who share our passion for personal growth and well-being.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, talk with my team!

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