Goal Getter Roadmap

Build your OWN logical framework enhanced with spiritual tools 

  • A tested 1 year roadmap for success
  • Crunch your goals this 2023
  • Be accountable to yourself

Make 2023 your year!

I’ve been featured in


“Working with Lore gave me so much
clarity and a roadmap for next steps!

In just 2 months we worked on removing my limiting beliefs and getting me to the right mindset.

We already organized my ideas into a structured action plan. Now I track my goals in a realistic way and stay accountable to myself. Very happy with what I’ve been
learning and cannot wait for what’s to come.”

-Xoxitl Zambrano (future coach!)

Only 3 months left in the year.
Join my crash course to smash your goals!

Learn the system I use quarterly to:

  • Stay motivated and on track
  • Read your Human Design
  • Mindset and Habit hacks

“I felt like this too”

  • Passionate about my goals but lost on how to achieve them
  • Struggling to feel successful
  • Constantly comparing myself to others and wondering why they can achieve xyz
  • You get easily motivated but can’t keep up with your goals
  • You know that you can be successful but  don’t know what step to take next
  • You daydream of what would it be like to not worry about finances, travel the world, buy that Chanel bag and feel accomplished
  • Like you are running in a hamster wheel looking for success, money, time and results
  • You wish others took more seriously your goals (hint: I’ll teach you how!)
  • By the time it is December you feel disappointed of the things you didn’t do, start January with a list of goals and say ‘This will be my year’ but the cycle repeats itself each December
    • How about you TRULY make this YOUR year?!

Sound like you?

I gotchu! If you relate to one
or more of these, GGR is definitely for YOU

And how about now

You ask yourself how would it feel to…

  • Stop feeling frustrated and know what to do next
  • To take your business (and yourself , even team!) to the next level
  • Honor your ideas and see your results
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Not blaming yourself anymore for not doing what you told yourself you would
  • HAVE extra time to workout, nap, read, catch up with friends and travel
  • Feel organized and guided
  • → This is why I created the Goal Getter Roadmap!

Learn how to

Work 20 hours a week
and generate 3x more

Read your Human Design
A.K.A your personalized map

Stop feeling frustrated and delayed and feel
EMPOWERED and successful

Why GGR?

If you want an agenda that flows and be able to constantly step out of your comfort zone, you are in the right place.

Objective Key Results

Learn the. OKR methodology, how to set and track your goals in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you and keeps you motivated. We will focus on profit, time optimization and self growth.

Human Design

There is no such thing as one thing fits all. Learn how to structure your mornings, how to take decisions, your best strategies and more! All according to your human design.

How to set long-lasting habits

My specialty! Mindfulness + neurology. Forget all the B.S about building habits in 21 days and spending the year feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Get ready for new and better habits that feel like your natural state.

How to enroll in GGR?

1 | Sign up using using the button below

-$97 regular price enrollment

2 | Get access to my platform

You will be able to watch on your own time the 3 classes GGR comes with

How to set + track your goals (Objective Key Results method), How to read your human design and How to set long-lasting habits using mindfulness and neurology

3 | Share on stories that you enrolled on GGR!

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Are you ready?! We are!

4 | Watch the one-time-only LIVE session with Lore!

You will dive deep into purpose, passions and have the opportunity to ask her questions!

*If you cannot attend the live class, no worries! A recording will be up in the platform within 24 hours

GGR is for you if…

  • You have multiple passions and feel like that is holding you back
  • If you want 2023 to be YOUR year
  • You struggle keeping track of your progress
  • You want to take your business (and yourself , even team!) to the next level
  • You want time and financial freedom
  • You are tired of feeling frustrated and ovnerwhelmed

GGR is NOT for you if…

  • You do not want to know what success feels like
  • You don’t want to earn more money
  • You are comfortable where you are at, money wise and time freedom wise
  • You do not want to grow as an employer or employee
  • You don’t have new goals for the new year
  • You are not interested in having new habits

What will you learn

Class 1

Learn the “Objective Key Results” method, how to decide and set goals, what steps to take next and how to track your progress!



Class 2

Read your Human Design in a SIMPLE and easy way. Plus how to apply it. Do you need a morning routine? How should you take decisions? How much should you plan in advanced? How should you manifest?

It is actually so simple! Just let me guide you through it



Class 3

How to set long-lasting habits! Forget 21 day challenges (they are BS!) Apply my neurology + mindfulness methodology.



One-time-only! Let’s fill out the chart together, find your purpose and how to use your passions as a vehicle.

PLUS, opportunity to ask questions to Lore!


-$97 launch price!

  • Credit/Debit cardT
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer (USA/ECU) /Venmo/Zelle
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