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3 books to heal your relationship with money

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We are about to end 2022! A New Year means new year’s resolutions are coming up… you may want to set up new goals, but equally important is to have your finances in order. It is essential to understand how money works in order to help you build and nurture your relationship with it. A positive relationship means financial wellness and even location freedom.

Now you may be thinking why “relationship” with money? The truth is we all have a relationship with it, just like we do with food, body image, etc. Money is no exception to this.

Over the years, I’ve read some money-related books that have had a great impact in my financial life and helped me heal this relationship. Therefore, I want to share with you 3 books I highly recommend if you are ready to make some changes about your finances!

1. “I will teach you to be rich”

I recommend you to read the last edition of this book written by Ramit Sethi. Specifically because in this one, he starts by stating errors and lessons he learned from his first edition.

It is a practical book which explains how the world of money works. You can go chapter by chapter where he touches on different topics. For instance, mindset issues, loans, credit cards, which banks to look for; as well as things you can do better in order to manage your finances. My tip: read a chapter, apply what you learned and then move on to the next chapter.

Subsequently, one of my favorite chapters was the credit card one because you understand how they truly work and their advantages. To illustrate, he explains that it works like a game and how important it is to know how to “play” it. Especially, learning to play with responsibility and with the right energy. Not only this, but also how to get out of debt. In particular, I’ve applied this knowledge in my life and my husband and I are continuously playing the game. We are constantly accumulating credit card points for certain types of things. Overall, we have figured out how this helps us manage our savings in a more efficient way. 

Furthermore, there are things that the author suggests you can do in the United States, but may not be possible to do in other countries. If this is your case, take it as an invitation to find similar options in your own country.

Undoubtedly, this book reminds you that you are the only one responsible for your finances and should start taking care of it as soon as possible. It is pretty common to blame your family, friends, or even bad luck when you don’t know how the world of money works. I am here to tell you, you can change this and be free. 

And if you are someone who feels uncomfortable by simply talking about money or thinking of opening the bank app (believe me, I’ve been there) but the good news is… you can start healing this relationship today! I want to share a challenge I recently launched on my TikTok for you to nurture this relationship and understand yourself where you are at now. 

So stop making excuses and start taking control. Without a doubt, you may feel overwhelmed at first but the journey is worth it.

2. “Think and grow rich”

The second book I would highly recommend reading is “Think and grow rich” written by Napoleon Hill. It was originally published years ago, in 1937, but it recently became a best seller again. Here the author focuses more on a way of life, rather than money itself. Moreover, it helps a lot in fostering the right mindset and talks about how you can be successful in all aspects of your life. 

In addition to this, something that I love about this book is the author’s point of view. He explains how we are not only here to receive but also about the importance of giving. In particular, how to learn to do this responsibly and what approach to take to attract this into your life. 

If I could summarize this book in two words, I would choose faith and integrity. Faith that you are capable and that the Universe has your back, and integrity in each decision you take.

Without a doubt, this book will change your perspective of money and success and help you build your own profitable online business strategy from a new perspective. Which reminds me, we are just two weeks away from the launch of my new online course the “Virtual Coach Academy” your 6 figures incubator. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to grow your business and become the boss of your dreams. Save your spot here! 

3. “Profit first”

Lastly, the third book I recommend is called “Profit first”. Actually, I just started reading this one. I have been loving the author, Mike Michalowicz’, style. It is an easy read and somewhat challenging. I say this because he proposes a way of managing your own business in a way that is more profitable but not the usual way we are accustomed to. That is exactly why I find it so fascinating! He defies the typical profit – cost equation in a factual and mindset-like approach.

In addition to this, he teaches you exactly how to divide and allocate your profits into 5 sections, this blew my mind. It is basically a system that flips the notion we have commonly known as profit. 

This method explains how small businesses can benefit from this idea. The concept focuses on the owner taking a profit from each sale made instead of deducting expenses from sales. For business owners this can be an aid for building and planning their expenses on what’s left.

I hope this list of books guides you through your financial wellness journey! Making it a smooth process. If you need guidance building your own profitable business, I will show you all the do’s and don’ts in my new course, the “Virtual Coach Academy”.

In fact, a month ago I launched the course for my BETA clients. The results have been outstanding! We assigned them practice clients and they have managed to get their first paying clients as well! If you are struggling to find or keep clients, I am giving you the step-by-step for 7 consecutive days on what to post on social media + how to communicate with your audience. We did all the work for you and saved you some precious time! It’s free!

I will help you go from restricted time and money to making thousands of dollars every month from your living room even if you don’t have real business experience. Save your spot here. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about money or the new course! 

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