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Married to a Frenchman? Yup! But living in Paris was always a dream of mine. Last year, this dream became a reality when Antoine and I decided to move here for 3 months! So this 2023, we started this journey and it has been the most amazing experience. 

Once we decided to fly to Europe for a few months, the apartment hunt was an adventure on its own. We ended up renting one apartment for half of our stay and then another one for the last part of our trip. Both, breathtaking. Also, being able to work from anywhere in the world allows me to enjoy the everyday things that make life interesting in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Including weekend trips to castles, I know!!

1. You can learn anything if you put your mind to it

So far, I’ve been living in Paris for two months already and I’ve realized something amazing: It’s a fact you can learn anything if you put your mind to it! Just last week I was invited to give a self love workshop at a luxury gym, a fitness club in Paris called Heimat. This experience alone was eye opening. In fact, I gave half of the speech in English and the other half in French! Strangely it felt pretty natural to me. Something I would never have imagined I would do. Actually, I started learning French a couple of years ago but I didn’t feel comfortable enough to speak in public, until I did and WOW! 

As I was thinking about this experience, I remembered something similar that happened to me when I was younger. Even though I practiced ballet my whole life and one of my favorite things I enjoy doing is dancing; I was never good with rhythm. And no, I didn’t stop dancing, instead what I did was to count the music in my head and follow the steps as I danced. 

As a matter of fact, this week I started something different that I had always wanted to do. I decided to take a leap and started singing lessons! Guess what… I’ve actually developed a new sense of hearing.

Always remember that if you put your mind to it, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Everything you dream of is possible for you. Just make sure you are dreaming big enough.

2. Things come your way easier than what you think

I was recently invited to get interviewed for a magazine called “Vistazo” in my hometown, back in Ecuador, about impostor syndrome. As I sat down and thought about all the opportunities that have been coming my way lately, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I was getting. I was telling myself all of this was coming my way out of pure luck. Then I stopped because that is not true at all. I was falling into a self-belief that I don’t deserve all the success that was happening to me recently. For a moment, I was unable to internalize my positive achievements.

Nonetheless, I then realized all the hard work my team and I have been putting into PR this last year. Certainly, we set objectives for ourselves in order to achieve the goals we were now getting with all these opportunities. However, I realized things don’t actually come my way “easily”, but rather I was getting these results according to my hard work. 

My team and I have been working and focusing on achieving these goals for a long time with perseverance, intention and purpose. For instance, this past year we put our best efforts in every newsletter that was sent, writing valuable blogs with content that fed our audience and ultimately started to build a community. Other times, creating free content that helped and engaged our members in a way or another. Additionally, generating valuable videos for TikTok, as well as Instagram posts and episodes for my Podcast show.

3. Prioritize friendships

As you might know, I’m from Ecuador but I’ve lived in the United States since 2014. On the other hand, coming to live and work in France for 3 months has been quite a different and positive experience. 

Don’t get me wrong, getting to live and work in New York has been an amazing experience on its own. Definitely a beautiful city with even more incredible people, I’ve learned that it is a society that can become very individualistic. While here in France, family and friendships are prioritized in a charming way. 

Specifically, this is what I have enjoyed the most as it is similar to the way we live back in Ecuador. In fact, the other day I came across a chart in a book called “Growing Young” by Marta Zaraska that explained how social/mind intervention weighed more than food/exercise intervention when it comes to longevity! Specifically, it pointed out that having a large social network accounts for 45% of change in mortality risk. Huge! While nutrition accounts for just 26%

These past few months, I’ve spent my time with friends and loved ones that we don’t get to see often and I have enjoyed working from “home” more than ever before. More importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to actually disconnect to connect and enjoy the little things. As a result, now more than ever, I’ve strengthened the connection with myself. 

And now you can do it too from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world! I’m launching my first ever mindfulness membership for the busy brains and entrepreneurs. You can get your Brain Gym membership here and get your daily dose of mindfulness from Monday to Friday, new content every week.

Virtual Coach Academy Waitlist


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