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Here you will find how to make more time to have more time for yourself, not to work more time! When you start building your own profitable online coaching business strategy you need to incorporate logical frameworks to unlock freedom and abundance. This goes hand in hand with your values in life. I challenge you to write them down now…

For instance, my values in life include: freedom, fun, connection and integrity. Therefore, I’m working everyday towards this goal. I have learned that freedom for me means having the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world at any place in time. Sometimes working from bed feels best, while other times I would rather work at Soho house, my favorite cafe or even with the company of a friend. Now freedom for you might look different! Maybe making time to be a partner, a mom or just resting and going on vacation. That is the beauty of it. You choose how to live your life and actually live it.

With the tools I’m about to give you, you will find better results and better rest. In turn, you will reclaim your abundance and achieve 3x more things waking up energized every day. You will understand why working from a place of stress and not rest, doesn’t actually work. At first, you can feel uncomfortable or guilty by having time to recharge and enjoy life, but freedom is out there… Why keep postponing it?

1. Create templates

Create templates for everything! And I mean everything… for welcome emails, instruction emails for clients or people you work with, setting up automatic responses, newsletter templates, emails with frequently asked questions and everything else you can think of. Think about it this way: If you have to do it once, you might as well save your time in the future and do templates! Make sure to save them for later, you’ll need them.

To illustrate, when I was just starting my online coaching business, the coach I had at the time suggested that I should have an email account specifically just for my clients and customer experience. But I didn’t have the budget to do that. Therefore, I made an automatic response template so that I could focus on other aspects of my business while giving myself time to respond adequately. This allows my clients and brand partners a time estimate on when to expect a response from my part. 

In fact, I recently suggested to a client of mine to create templates for her new clients instead of making discovery calls. She was taking hours on zoom calls with just one client in order to check if he/she was a fit or not. Instead, I showed her how she could make them fill a form that would give her all the information she needed without taking unnecessary time out of her day. Every time she has a new client, she just edits the template and saves herself a huge time.

Nowadays, my team and I have created templates for everything you can think of. If the app we use allows us to save in there, for example: Mailchimp for our newsletters, we do it that way. If not, we save most of them on our google drive. Bottom line is you should have it accessible so you don’t do the same work a thousand times.


2. Create an on-boarding system

This past year I made the biggest hire for my company. You wouldn’t believe me if I showed you how much time we saved with my company’s on-boarding system. After just one week, things were running smoothly and I got time to stick with my schedule and focus on my creative strategy. 

The secret on how we achieved this is we created video recordings on how to work with every platform, including google slides with the company’s goal and our values. Best thing is, they can always go back to it and rewatch the content if they need it. 

Loom is one of the platforms I would say I use the most to communicate with the people I work with. This is exactly what time optimization is. Instead of using our weeks to meet on zoom everyday, we meet once and then if I need to explain, ask or teach them something, I would normally do it on a video in Loom. Saves time for me and for them to actually work!

Implementing a systematic strategy to save time will help you and your company focus on things that matter and achieve bigger results in less time. 

3. Organize your surroundings

This is huge. Even if it’s virtual. Just like your physical surroundings, having things in place for your online business is crucial when it comes to achieving your goals. I would say this is definitely one of the most important steps to take. So much so, that a couple of months ago I launched a Goal Getter Roadmap course. Here you will learn step by step on how to build your one logical framework and the system I quarterly use to stay motivated and on track and enhance your mindset and implement habit hacks for under $100!. With the tools I have to share with you, creating an online coaching course has never been easier.

Furthermore, using apps that help you maintain your work organized is also a great idea. In my company we use these apps everyday. You can learn how to use each for just $45, clicking here: 5 platforms to optimize your time and get unstuck

Some include:

  • Asana: to delegate and organize our work
  • Calendly: to schedule zoom meetings with clients and brands as an interactive calendar, hand in hand with google
  • Google drive: to organize documents in folders
  • Podia: to launch and archive our courses 
  • Mailchimp: to send our weekly newsletters and build your audience
  • Slack: to build our community and organize tasks with my team members

4. Systematize everything that you can

Systematizing tasks is key to obtaining the freedom you are longing for. Stop being afraid of delegating tasks or using third-party apps to do the work for you. As a result this will allow you to have more time for you to work on what you truly love and exploit your creativity on the way. And of course, for you to actually enjoy and live life!

Be mindful that you don’t need to systematize everything right away. For some entrepreneurs, doing most of the things when starting to build their online coaching business is best. Not only because of the costs but also to learn your way around the business. 

Nonetheless it will come in handy once you are able to do it. Some ideas on what to systematize can be:  enrollment, payment, invoices, tax calculations, among others. Undoubtedly this will make your business run smooth. 

Luckily, nowadays I have grown my business and have had the opportunity to hire and build a team of people that help me with my everyday tasks, thus allowing me to systematize more and more everyday. Don’t waste more time because I show you how to on The Virtual Coach Academy

5. Divide your days by themes

This step is crucial when you want to achieve your goals and improve your online coaching business strategy. When it comes to organizing your week, dividing your days by themes will be your best ally. It makes sense, trust me! Your mind focuses on one task at a time; therefore, if you organize your days according to your tasks, it will be easier for you to focus and work faster in a more efficient manner. 

Tip: How I usually do it is this way…

Monday and Tuesday: I will schedule zoom meetings with clients 1:1, my team and brand collaborations this day. 

Wednesday: I always make this day all about creativity. This day is where I plan what content I’m going to share with my audience.

Thursday: This is the day I focus on recording my content. For instance reels, instagram posts, TikToks and podcasts!

Friday: I try to rest or finish whatever I have left for the week!

Best part is… this can be you too

Just as you train your body at the gym, you need to learn how to train your brain.  Help yourself work for you, not against you. This way you will have more time because your brain is focused on one specific task. 

If you are currently struggling to manage your time or organize your days, I will be launching “Brain Gym” in a couple of weeks, which is exactly what you need. Don’t miss out on your 10 minutes of mindfulness daily. Designed to flow through the day, regain your patience, optimize your productivity and connect with yourself. 

Last but not least, get to know what you love, what you don’t and what you are great at! This is what will truly make a difference in your everyday life. Figure out things that may drain you, pinpoint tasks that you can delegate and outsource (when you get the chance to do it), learn ways in which you enjoy working and running your business smoothly will follow. Find your source of genius and achieve 3x times more.

Virtual Coach Academy Waitlist


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