Yes! I stopped reading self-help books. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not against it. In fact, it is one of my favorite genres ever! 

Nevertheless, have you noticed how in life, we often tend to make the “same mistakes” over and over again? This happens because the universe is trying to teach us one lesson. When we ignore this, the Universe doesn’t stop. It is persistent and generous -even when we are tired of the same thing! The only way it will stop, is if we start observing, analyzing and learning.

Well, the same principle applies to self-help books. Think about it. We can read 500 of them but if we don’t apply the knowledge, it’s useless. What is it for?

The reason behind it is that change only comes with action

Consequently, I would suggest reading 3 carefully picked books that you think will have an impact on your behavior and can possibly change your life. Remember, everything comes with action and being mindful. 

Tips and things I would do:

  • Highlight information you consider important
  • Take a pause to ask yourself questions and understand the information
  • Reflect on what you just read
  • Start applying concepts in your daily life
  • Try out new things and start testing what work for you and what doesn’t
  • Have conversations with friends and family about it
  • Give yourself 10 minutes a day to connect with your body and become mindful.

I promise you this will matter more than reading 200 books. In addition, the risky part can be that while you are reading all these books you may feel instantly satisfied… yet long-term, with the lack of action, this can build up more frustration.

In other words, less is more. Focus on what you are reading, pause, reflect and more importantly START TAKING ACTION!


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