The 1st ever mindfulness app busy brains and entrepreneurs.

Just like you train your body and it needs consistency, your brain and peace-of-mind need the same

Think of it as your “Netflix” of mindfulness.

Do you feel stuck?
You are not alone:

When you get started today……

  • Join the Busy Brains Community! A private space to ask questions, get real answers, feel supported and connected.
  • Have accountability and motivation. Track your Daily Mindful Minutes with our habit tracker.
  • Get what you need, now. No need to overthink. With our “Netflix” style library divided by tools and subtopics, choose what you need each day -or follow our weekly suggestion.
  • Manage your stress levels by using our smart log and data trend.
  • Start (or end) each day by having quality time for yourself. no more resentment because there are not enough minutes in the day.
  • Have a clear reason to stop mindlessly scrolling and feel more productive.
  • Get access to our “Beyond the screen” monthly section with lifestyle recommendations (books, podcasts, recipes, quotes, outfits and more).

Features you will LOVE

Habit tracker

Set your goals and track your progress with one tap.
Log in your daily mindful minutes and see your trend and stats overtime. Track your stress management levels and stay motivated to keep a streak.

“Netflix” style gallery

Watch on any device. Use your phone, tablet, laptop or TV at no extra cost while browsing between our 4 tools: guided meditations, journal prompts, exclusive podcasts and body connection exercises.

Move according to your cycle

Learn to optimize your energy, productivity levels and results by moving according to your menstrual cycle. Find different exercises divided into your phases.

I know how lack of time and productivity feels. How different can your life look 3 months from now if you use these tools? Now... do you want to wake up 3 months from now and be EXACTLY where you are at today? If you don't, I gotchu.

What is Brain Gym?

A “Netflix” of Mindfulness

You will have access to 4 main tools divided in multiple subtopics

  • Guided Meditations
  • Journal Prompts with audio
  • Exclusive Podcasts
  • Body Connection Exercises


Max 10 minutes daily, less than $0.50 cts a day

$0.50 a day

Payment methods

$13.33/month when you choose 1 year

  • Any credit card

Brain Gym Tools and Pillars

Tools: guided meditations, journal prompts, body connection exercises and exclusive podcasts (Learns Something New)

Pillars: Mindfulness & mindset, Structured & abundant finances, Entrepreneurship and Content creation

“I also felt like that”

  • I lack hours and days to achieve everything I have to do
  • I set goals that I want to meet BUT I’m not constant (or I don’t even start them)
  • I can’t wait to do my mindfulness routine BUT I swear I don’t have 60 minutes to do it
  • Every time I want to have a moment of peace, someone of something interrupts me
  • I LOVE all your content BUT I don’t have time (and I don’t know how to start applying it)
  • I feel tired all the time
  • I feel like everything stresses me all the time, I lose patience super easily without it being my intention
  • I feel disconnected from everything… from myself, my friends, my family. I feel like I don’t fit in

Sounds like you right now?

If you relate to 2 or more of these examples


And what about if

You ask yourself (and tell me) how it would feel…

  • Have that “me time” that you want so much, just for you, without interruptions
  • Claim your peace, your freedom and productivity (without pressure)
  • Having time to have a coffee with friends, catch up with people you miss and say you are going to call (but right now end up not doing it)
  • Have time for spontaneous and different experiences (recover the ability to do it)
  • May unforeseen changes not affect your day or your calm
  • Attract much more money into your life
  • Be energized and more in tune with your body
  • To actually sleep and rest and not struggle with it
  • → In order to feel and achieve this I created BRAIN GYM!

is NOT for you if…

  • You keep thinking that “you will not be able to” spend 10 minutes a day consistently for your mental health
  • You don’t feel like continuing to grow, evolve and conquer new goals
  • You have an “all or nothing” mentality and believe that 10 minutes is not enough
  • You don’t care about your mental health- although I dare to INVITE YOU so you can feel the positive impact it will have in your life

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You can pay directly from your PayPal account, or with any credit/debit card. Enjoy 🙂

Not from the same user 🙂 We highly value our work and YOUR trust. We also manage an IP address tracker and suspicious activities. If we receive an alert, you will be notified and removed from the membership. BUT everyone is welcome to Brain Gym! So invite/gift/recommend anyone you know who needs it.

The material depends on the day.
Monday: Guided meditation
Tuesday: Journal prompts to get to know yourself
Wednesday: Guided meditation
Thursday: LIVE- connection with your body
Friday: 10 minutes of learning and connecting (mini podcast)

Once you choose how often you want to renew your membership, your payment will be processed and in approximately 24 hours you will receive 2 emails from, one with all the information you need and another with access to our Peace + Productivity portal.

Every Monday 8am the material for that entire week is unlocked. You can do your 10 min. of Mindfulness when it is best for you and the LIVE session with Lore is uploaded the same day to the platform.

No! Anyone who wants a change in their life is welcome!

Material is uploaded weekly with a monthly calendar + surprises. It becomes UNLOCKED (becomes available) week by week as well. You always have an unlocked library of at least 3 weeks, in case you want to do a mini Mindfulness binge session or so that you have options for your weekends!

You can access the material from any device, your cell phone, computer, iPad, etc!

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