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Are you looking for the best podcasts for self-growth and reaching success in the online coaching business? You are in for a treat! These podcasts shows will help you achieve greater things starting the New Year and implement a improved online coaching business strategy. 

Nowadays, it’s easy to get lost in the pool of podcasts available online, as more and more people are doing it to motivate and inspire their audience. There is no doubt there is great content out there and it is indeed a great free tool to share people’s knowledge with the world. 

Therefore, I want to share with you my favorite podcasts for topics that I feel passionate about…enjoy!

1. For healing from within and self growth

Get ready to learn and heal all types of relationships: with yourself, your inner child, self-critic, money, abundance, self image, taboos, etc. 

This podcast show is quite possibly my favorite one. In fact, so far I haven’t found one episode that I am not a fan of! Jay is an English author and former Hindu Monk. He is also a life coach, which is exciting. 

One of the reasons I like his podcast show so much is that he has solo episodes as well as guest episodes. This gives you the opportunity to learn directly from him but also from people you may already admire. On the other hand, learning from people you may not even know of as well. Some of the guests he has invited to join him on the “On purpose” show include: Tony Robbins, Matt Damon, Dax Shepard, Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr among many more. 

Moreover, Jay has a special way to share his anecdotes and host conversations about his path to success, mental health, living a balanced life, the impact of our relationships with others and covering many more self-growth topics. Particularly, I’m always in awe of the way he approaches and conducts the conversations and the kind of questions he asks his guests. It invites you to think and self-reflect.

2. For dismantling absurd societal standards

Calling all my self-growth junkies! 

If someone embodies integrity for me, it is the one and only Meghan Markle. Here, she focuses on discussing frequent stereotypes that prevents women from achieving success and her goals. Unlock your full potential by listening to a range of different topics that challenge common beliefs. 

In each episode she breaks down an archetype of a specific word. Starting by what it originally meant and how time, society, beauty standards, racism and  patriarchy have shifted it. It is truly a magnificent show, even though it has too many commercial ads for my taste, it is definitely worth listening to. 

Besides, her wisdom and guest selection is impeccable. Featured guests in her episodes include: Serena Williams, Mindy Kaling, Mariah Carey and many more. The success of her podcast show comes from the great storyteller Meghan Markle is and how she makes each of her guests feel comfortable sharing their inspiring stories. 

Here you will learn more about yourself and the archetypes you have been living with. Is this what is ultimately guiding your life?

3. For practicality and productivity

The following podcast show is a great one if you are looking forward to starting your own online coaching business.

Actually, I first heard Jenna on Jay Shetty’s podcast! (and glad I did!) I fell in love with everything she had to say. I remember hearing it on the NYC metro station and hurrying up to take out my journal to take notes. She is raw, honest and funny at the same time. 

To sum it up, she shares practical tips and tools for wellbeing , productivity and success. Plus, if you are a mom, she touches on motherhood a lot too and I really like her take on it!

In addition to this, if you are looking for social media strategies, business hacks and productivity tips; I have the solution for you! What are you waiting to join the “Virtual coach Academy”!? VCA is opening its doors on 11/24. Get all the tools today to start your business from your living room.

4. For visibility, success and seeing fast results

Get excited because she is actually our next guest on the “Disconnect to Connect” podcast! In fact, she was my business coach for a whole year. Similarly to Jenna’s, it is very practical. Her show explores how influencer marketing works on social media. It is useful for your brand’s online presence. She is a PR expert and recently launched her book called “Get What You Want”, which is already a best seller!

In addition to this, Julie also has students as her hosts which is inspiring to see what you can reach. In her show, she will give you all the insights you need into framing success.

Last but not least… *cough cough* Disconnect to Connect by (me) Lore Velasquez

I’m a huge fan of my work, my guests and all the content I put out for you! I get so excited to share my stories and life experiences with you. If you haven’t played my show yet, I would highly recommend doing so. I touch on mindfulness, well being and success from a point of view that combines factual based information with spirituality and intuition, the perfect easter and western cocktail. and everything I’ve achieved so far.

I invite you to join me for an afternoon matcha latte to talk about life, success and productivity with my 29 episodes I’ve recorded so far. How does that sound? It’s a date!

Virtual Coach Academy Waitlist


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