Transform your side-hustle-dream into a profitable business

  • Start earning $3,000 in 4 months
  • Use your creativity for results –hi accountability 
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Know exactly what your next step is
  • Have all of your questions answered

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What my past clients have to say

Mateo Cilloniz

I began working with Lore when I didn’t have a steady income so I  took a leap of faith with the investment.

  • A month after getting my certification, I already had 5 clients enrolled in my 3 months program, -today I have clients from more than 7 different countries.
  • I was invited to a top-charted podcast with over 311K followers and even began my very own podcast show.
  • I am currently building my own online program and know I have all the tools to do so.

I tell everyone that wants to dive into the coaching world to begin with Lore in order to see results and connect with your purpose.

Anaïs Skoutariotis

One my of main goals when I started personalized coaching with Lore was to have more time for myself but also more financial freedom. I have achieved BOTH.

  • I was invited to be a coach in a world-renowned platform, giving me the passive income I had been looking for.
  • I have successfully doubled my prices for 1:1 coaching
  • I started a mindfulness platform for corporate businesses and am currently building my first online program, I feel guided and supported all the way through.

Denisse Mensch

Lore pushed me harder than I expected to see the results I wanted and it paid off, she does this while making you feel safe and capable.

  • I have learned to organize my days to be able to prioritize my life, my family and my business.
  • I became the first Ecuadorian certified in Mercier therapy, and I am booked every week.
  • I finally feel financially independent, confident in what I offer and proud to see my own clients overcome their fertility issues -today I have countless testimonies!

You will have
exclusive access to


Six months of 1:1 coaching with Lore and her team’s support


Free access to Lore’s app: Brain Gym -the 1st Mindfulness app for busy brains and entrepreneurs


17 personalized sessions and 4 hands-on projects to see your results


Weekly workbooks with personalized journal prompts and homework + telegram chat communication with Lore.

Say goodbye to

Questioning if your passions
can bring you money

Fear of what people
will think and say

Lack of

“I felt like this too”

  • Judging myself for the decisions I take
  • Daydreaming at my 9-5 of the life I want but am scared to admit
  • Constantly wondering if my salary would ever match my desires
  • Wondering if i have what it takes to IMPACT other people’s lives
  • Questioning if I am enough
  • Feeling frustrated because I keep procrastinating
  • Frustrated at my current income
  • Disconnected from my purpose

Sounds like you?

I am ready for you!
I only take 6 clients/patients per year, you can be one of them

And how about now

You ask yourself how would it feel…

  • Work from bed, a cafe in NYC and by the Sea in Positano
  • Wake up to 10 notifications of new clients signing up to your program -money while you sleep!!
  • Receive DMs telling you how you have transformed someone’s life
  • Seeing your bank accounts grow with so many zeros
  • Your friends & family telling you how proud they are of you
  • Being able to afford therapy, energy healer and all the candles you want
  • This is why I created this personalized space

does it

      • You are brave enough to create a change
      • Apply clicking below
      • Send an email to
      • If selected, hop on a free 15 min call with Lore
      • Payment plans available
      • Start building your dream business

Personalized Business  Coaching is for you if:

      • You are multi-passionate
      • You aspire to live the remote life
      • You want to skyrocket your income
      • You lack strategy and structure
      • You need more time for yourself

What my patients and clients are saying

“What I liked the most of my sessions with Lore is the openness I gained to deal and heal things I had blocked in my life and kept me stuck.

My experience began during a really painful time in my life. Her guidance was key to acknowledge and validate my feelings while gaining the tools to move forward. I also loved the transition from topic to topic through the sessions and the tools I received.

I love her meditations! They made me feel so much peace and come back to myself”

-Ma. Elisa A

Personalized coaching testimonies (2)

"These past 2 months with Lore have been so impactful in my life and my habits. My dad is a doctor super skeptical about therapy, psychologist and coaches but my results have been so apparent that he offered to pay me the value that I invested for these sessions.

Thank you for your patience, empathy and dedication. Excited to continue working with you and keep growing."

-Edith Duran

Personalized coaching testimonies (1)

Frequently asked questions

Each session is 60 minutes, we meet weekly. Most sessions are on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Payments are not accepted by session, this is a 6 months program. However, if needed, you can divide the total value in 4 payments. This will allow you to prioritize your mental health and make the entire process much lighter and easier for you.

Yes! Please email

The real question is: do you want to create an online, profitable and scalable business? If your answer is YES, then apply and to create your most the financial freedom you are dreaming of.

I would like to ask you: is your business going as you wish? Are you familiar with the strategy, numbers, marketing, investments, etc? If your answer is no/not really, then apply and to create your most the financial freedom you are dreaming of.

Yes! This is not a requirement 🙂 But I will teach you how + many other mindfulness tools.

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