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Virtual coaching is becoming more and more common each day. Today, people from all around the world have the opportunity to change their life with any coach they want. You can even do it from the comfort of your home. This in turn has lots of benefits which make it accessible, easier and affordable, for both, the coach and the client!

Most of the time, people want to build a new lifestyle, change careers and even transform themselves but they don’t know how to do it. Guidance is what they need! Luckily, there are trained individuals (just like me!) that can help you with this extra “push”. We help you with the right tools and steps you need to take, in order to make that change happen. The most successful people in the world have shown us the benefits of coaching and how you can achieve your dreams and goals with guidance and clarity.

Here is how virtual wellness coaching can help you or your client achieve goals:

1. Having a support system

Having a guide with you every step of the way will give you the confidence you need to make this transformation. Change is not linear, but rather it has its ups and downs. It is a process. Therefore, having people around you in your journey is key to achieving your goals. Sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed when things are not going our way. But there will also be times when you feel like you are conquering the world. For that matter, having someone that holds you accountable will be of great help.

2. Going for it!

You know you want to change your life but don’t know where to start? Do you feel stuck? A virtual wellness coach would be a great idea. They will push you to jump-start your life. Taking action is an important step in the process.

3. Working on your self-sabotage and bad habits

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into our own traps. Do you…

  • Feel like you set too many goals?
  • Are you attached to a timeline?
  • Procrastinate starting your “project”?
  • Set goals that do not inspire YOU?
  • Deep down you don’t believe they are possible?

If you have done this, it is most likely you are self-sabotaging yourself! It doesn’t allow you to achieve your goals which obstructs your way into building your own success. Virtual coaching can help you ditch these old habits and guide you with new tools to put in practice and be aligned with your purpose.

4. Build a plan

If you are facing a major transition, like changing careers, getting a new job, becoming a virtual wellness coach, and so on… it’s a smart idea to have someone help you build a life plan with the right strategy to start your journey. It is important to have someone with experience by your side, who you can turn to, when planning “what comes next”.

Now you may be wondering, How is virtual coaching different from in-person coaching? What are its benefits?

  • Flexibility
  • Time optimization
  • Accountability
  • Sense of community

Flexibility is a huge one! Virtual coaching allows both (the coach and the client) to find the best time to meet and manage their time in an efficient manner. In-person coaching tends to be more hectic. For instance, waiting in traffic and finding a way to go from point A to point B. Additionally, think about all the possibilities… you can meet from anywhere in the world!

Additionally, virtual coaching allows you to use your time wisely. Once you end the call, you can continue working on your tasks and towards your goals without any distractions.

Being accountable is a crucial skill to possess. Having someone to help you keep yourself accountable for your success is key in order to achieve your goals. Virtual-coaching allows continued check-ups which will help you be responsible for building the lifestyle and career you are seeking to create.

As a coach, I’ve had experience building communities for clients that are going after similar goals. It makes an amazing difference and it’s the kind of support you don’t get from anyone else. For example, facebook groups or building a community in other platforms like whatsapp or other apps, helps people stay connected and focused; even if they are on the other side of the world.

If this is something you are passionate about, I encourage you to start coaching! It has changed my life in ways that have allowed me to achieve my dreams, live freely and be myself. I am about to launch the “Virtual Coach Academy”! You can find more information here and sign up in the text box below.

Virtual Coach Academy Waitlist


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