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Having the right strategy when it comes to building your own profitable online business model and becoming a virtual entrepreneur is crucial. Your content is important for attracting the right customers, captivating and fostering that relationship. The reality is that when online business owners are creating their content, they usually stick to only one to two platforms and treat creating content as a hobby. 

Sadly, facts show that this type of strategy doesn’t engage your audience at all. Keep reading to figure out how you can diversify your content and upgrade your brand strategy!

Before we begin, I have a gift for you! A FREE guide to simplify content creation.

1. Virtual entrepreneurs don’t keep all their eggs in the same basket

This is a huge one! Your audience wants to see different types of content on different types of platforms. As a result, this will also allow you to gain new audience members across social media, make different promotions/challenges on other mediums and express yourself in different ways! 

Regarding the last one mentioned, TikTok content is very different from Instagram. For starters, on Instagram you can expand on captions and provide more information. While on TikTok, conversational videos are trendy. Scan your social media and check where you are not currently on. Then, consider expanding and opening a profile where your virtual business doesn’t have an online presence. Remember you can be nurturing future customers everywhere! 

Looking to expand your strategy is key in order to target the right clients aligned with your brand. Podcasts, twitter, blogs are just a few examples. In my experience, having a podcast show (link al podcast) has allowed me to connect more with my audience and it has been a way for me to express myself. You can even use it to make collaborations with other people in your industry that you admire. I am about to launch an episode with Danielle Collins @thefaceyogaexpert, where we will talk about ​​her journey to wellness, how Face Yoga changed her life and the impact she’s had since taking her business into the digital world. In turn, this increases our exposure, improving our reach and getting to different audiences! 

Nowadays, social media has become a marketing outlet for most companies. Try your best to cover 3 mediums, and put your best into each of them. Remember, each platform will target different personas, therefore, you can organically grow your client list.

2. Virtual entrepreneurs build a mailing list

We don’t own social media, it isn’t yours or mine, in fact it can crash any minute like it did at the beginning of 2022. Everyone was freaking out, remember that?! Therefore, if you are creating your virtual coaching business, you need to start building your own “book of clients”. 

Without a doubt, this is a great marketing strategy. Not only will you nurture your customers that have already subscribed to your mailing list, but you will also have a data pool where you can test and offer new products! This is the platform where you will nourish your relationship with your audience and a chance for you to make a community. 

Evidently, people that are subscribed to your mailing list are more likely to be product buyers. They are usually your most loyal customers. Depending solely on social media is a sinking ship. You can even treat your community as VIP customers, where you can offer early bird discounts and much more. 

Lucky for you, I am about to launch a new course the “Virtual Coach Academy” where I dedicated a whole module to show you how to create and implement different social media platforms that you need today in order to succeed in the online world!

3. Virtual entrepreneurs do plan out their content

Planning out your content is a great way to organize your social media strategy. Keeping either a chart on google sheets or a calendar on apps like Asana has worked for me amazingly. As a virtual entrepreneur, we tend to create content designed to be consumed in a quick manner. The truth is that this grabs your audience’s attention but they also want to know more.

For this reason, I would suggest starting with the macro content, such as: blog or podcast. Then from there, you can follow by repurposing that same content for Instagram and TikTok, to accommodate their respective formats. for Instagram and TikTok. Brainstorm multiple content ideas from those macro ones into posts, videos and twitter captions for example. If you are unsure on how to begin: download this FREE guide with an organizer chart!

To give you some ideas:

  • Out of each blog post you can get on average, 3 captions. 
  • From podcast episodes or youtube videos, you can get on average 5 clips per voiceover.

I am excited to share with you the 5-day productivity challenge I launched this Monday on my Instagram account! I will share my secrets on how I manage to work 20 hours and just 4 days a week. If I can do it, you can do it too! Becoming a virtual entrepreneur has never been so easy.

And we can’t forget we are just two months and a half away from 2023! Without a doubt, the new masterclass that I am launching this week: Goal Getter Roadmap program, will give you all the tools you need to smash your goals and organize your online coaching business in a strategic way before the year is over! Become the virtual entrepreneur of your dreams. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity.

Virtual Coach Academy Waitlist


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