If you are looking forward to becoming an online coach and building your own profitable and scalable business, this post is for you! 

Throughout the years I’ve been in this industry, I’ve met and befriended different types of virtual coaches and overall truly successful people. As someone who loves learning and networking, I have prioritized time to get to know authors, podcast hosts, professors, and so on. And if there is something they all have in common, you will find it in this post.

1. They set time to get to know themselves

How can you help and lead others, if you don’t know yourself? Invest time in yourself and learn to enjoy your own company. Is the best investment you’ll ever do! 

To begin with, I encourage you to start a mindfulness routine. This will bring structure to your life, plus it provides you amazing benefits. Such a habit will increase your brain’s ability to: focus on your daily tasks, deal with stress more efficiently, improve your overall health, among others. I highly recommend the “5 am club” book. From which I inspired my own routine including these 4 key practices:

  1. Connection to your body (some type of workout)
  2. Meditation/prayer
  3. Journaling
  4. Consuming valuable content (podcasts, books, etc.)

Knowing yourself also means…

  • Understanding what comes easier for you
  • Getting to know what type of diet (and here I don’t mean fad diets!) works best for you, your body and your mind.  Find what types of foods nourish YOU. 
  • Finding the right time-periods to work according to your energy levels. Pay attention to when your mind is sharper and is easier to focus, then adjust your schedule.
  • Comprehending, if you are a female, how your menstrual cycle fully works and how it “affects” you and your body
  • Discerning what are you feeling and what is troubling your mind 
  • If you are a female, comprehending how your menstrual cycle fully works and how it “affects” you and your body

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking of becoming a virtual wellness coach and building your own business! These are some of the best traits you can develop and practice. The better you know yourself, the better you can understand your clients. 

2. They surround themselves with people that lifts them up

Successful online coaches surround themselves with people that practice appreciation and gratitude. This creates a feeling of safety and inspiration, plus it empowers you in ways you can’t even imagine. Gratitude is a great mindfulness tool. It invites you to live in the present moment, right here, right now; helping you focus more and make better decisions.

Finding people in your life that lift you up will inspire you to be better and achieve greater things. it is such a booster for growth and happiness overall, in fact healthy relationships account for almost 30% of increased longevity. When we support our friends, family and business partners, it makes them feel like what they are doing is meaningful. This in turn will make you feel appreciated as well. If I have learned something, it is, happiness is better and stronger when shared.

On the other hand, envy is not part of the game and criticism is not part of the lives of people who are happy and successful.  Energetically speaking, it brings everyone down, plus it makes us sick and sad, in addition to questioning your trust. This comparison leads us to resentment, which deteriorates our creativity and doesn’t let us exploit our strengths. This whole topic inspired me to record my latest podcast episode: Copy, Criticism, Envy and Success.

3. They take care of their environment and surroundings

If you haven’t noticed yet, your surroundings have a huge impact on yourself. It impacts how you feel and your productivity levels. When you live and work in a messy environment, it clutters your mind and judgment. Research shows that disorganization and clutter have a cumulative effect on our brains. It drains our cognitive skills while reducing at the same time our focus. 

You can start today by cleaning your environment. Look around you… put away everything that doesn’t contribute in any shape or form into your life and organize more of what does. Just as Marie Kondo suggests, declutter by themes, for instance, begin with papers that you don’t need or use anymore, or clothing. Another great way of doing so is by areas, such as: desk, nightstand, bathroom cabinet, etc. This will help you feel and be more productive. Eventually, if it is a possibility, I would suggest including colors, textures and spaces that inspire you. It is a great investment towards increasing your performance.

4. They prioritize learning over entertainment

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to cancel your Netflix subscription! Or thinking it’s wrong to enjoy a podcast that doesn’t necessarily teach you specific tools or steps for something… In fact I prioritize rest to the point that it can make others and feel uncomfortable! What’s key is to learn from rest. 

Think how you can take advantage of resting. For instance…

  • Learn from taking a 20-minute nap. How did it help you? Did it make you more productive? Do you work more efficiently after you nap? How does it make you feel?
  • Learn from your shared experiences with friends. Did they show you something new? How can they help you get more clients? 
  • Learn from going for a walk or exercising. Did new ideas come up? Did you figure out something new?

Additionally, allocate at least 20 minutes daily to learn. Set this as a goal to achieve. In every career and even more so when you are building your new business, it is crucial to constantly be learning. You need to be up to date and keep evolving as the industry changes. There are plenty of ways you can do this! Buy a new book, listen to a podcast, watch videos, read someone’s inspiring story, take a course to learn a new skill, etc. 

I find that the most common excuse is “but I don’t know how to xyz” or “when Iearn xyz, I will do xyz”. I invite you to stop conditioning your success to your lack of knowledge and instead, learn. As I talk about in this podcast episode, Knowledge is power. 

If there is something all successful people have in common is: good habits and learning, always falls into this category

5. They heal and build a relationship with money

A lot of people can hold skepticism towards this topic when in reality we have a relationship with food, body image, and so on. Who says we don’t have one with money? Of course we do! 

Money is not only a paper for transactions. This medium comes with a lot of energy around it. We tend to repeat the patterns our parents had, and the ones their parents had, and so on… but it is never too late to heal and build this relationship. 

Financial freedom doesn’t come when you reach “a goal” or “get xyz amount of money”. Financial freedom comes with healing. Throughout our life, people often tell us how irresponsible we are with it or criticize the way we spend it. We unconsciously internalize all of these messages and hence, fear handling, earning, investing and saving money.

Dealing with money is a responsibility that can feel overwhelming mainly because it is an unknown area for us. Once you get familiar with it, it will make you feel empowered and safe. Trust me on this one. Reclaim your freedom by learning about money  in a numeric and energetic way. If you are unsure of where to begin, I am starting a 7 day challenge on Tiktok to heal your relationship with money. 

I highly recommend these books: “I will teach you to be rich”, “Think and grow rich” and “Profit first”

TIP: Next time you pay for something you are excited about, journal this: what energy is this transaction giving me? How is it helping me grow?

Whether you know how to grow your audience, manage your business’ social media or have the right credentials to become an online coach; It’s more than just having the knowledge and skills. It is important to focus also on developing the right habits.

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