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3 reasons that are holding you back from your success

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Sometimes we don’t realize what is truly holding us back from becoming successful and building our dream business.You may think you need xyz in order to start your virtual coaching business or just to keep moving forward. Well, let me tell you based on my experience as a person and as a business coach, this is not true!

Conversely, it is important to be self-aware and mindful to figure out what those beliefs are. Below you will read the three most common reasons why you feel stuck and are not reaching success.

1. You need a business degree to build your virtual coaching business

Don’t follow outdated social norms.

You need to have an MBA. These are old beliefs that no longer apply to the world we live in today. 

You won’t believe me if I tell you how many people are afraid to start and develop their business idea because they lack a specific degree or they just simply don’t believe they are capable of doing it. 

On the other hand, what you do need is a combination of three things: determination, grit and curiosity. These must be non-negotiables for you. Here lies the key to success. In fact, you can become an entrepreneur by picking up knowledge from working and learning from your experience throughout your journey. In addition to this, grow confidence in yourself and believe you can learn the skills you need to succeed. If you are struggling in this aspect, I would highly suggest finding a coach that can guide you. I am currently taking in business coaching clients.

Have I not convinced you yet? Think about it, if it would ONLY be about numbers, certifications and degrees… there wouldn’t be so many businesses that don’t work out. Don’t let your beliefs distract you from achieving your goal. 90% of entrepreneurships fail before the 3 year mark! The reason being a lack of strategy, purpose and mindset shifts.

Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s important to learn about finance, investment, profit, etc… but that is not all of it. Actually, I am about to launch my “Virtual Coaching Academy” where I have dedicated a whole module about this! You will learn all the tools and skills you might need to start your online coaching business. So exciting! Don’t miss your spot and sign up here!

2. Everything must be perfect

Repeat after me:


Getting things done, is in fact, better than getting it perfect. I just re-launched my podcast where I touch on this topic, listen here!

Being perfect is an illusion, if you are striving for it, you are wasting your time. Adversely, this is not an invitation to mediocrity! It’s always great to work hard and try your best but when things don’t go your way, learn and change things up. 

One piece of advice I can give you is to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t stay in the same place because you are afraid of failure. That is exactly the place you need to be in order to learn and grow! If you find yourself constantly afraid of failing, you will be paralized and won’t be able to achieve your goals and dreams, because fear will always be a part of the process. My advice: befriend it and move forward.

New’s flash… no one is born ready. There is always room for growth and it is a fact: there is no better way to reach better outcomes than to start trying. How can you do this, you ask? Do research, read, investigate, listen, ask your peers, family and friends, engage and integrate your business ideas and GROW. 

3. Who will buy my products/services?

Impostor Syndrome alert! That uncomfortable feeling of not being enough and feeling like a fraud can be the reason why you are not starting your dream business. How do you deal with it? First and foremost, acknowledge it. Then, discover why you are feeling that way and work on yourself.

Here is a challenge for you… Think about the last time you achieved something. 

Now journal this: Did I attribute my success to pure luck or did I celebrate my abilities to get it?

Imagine if every person and entrepreneur that has achieved great things thought that? You are probably reading this on an iphone or macbook, do you think we would have these things today? Or even access to wifi? Just put some thought into it …

Additionally, think about skills and other aspects you are better at than your competitors. 

  • Ask yourself, what is your competitive advantage?
  • How can you bring something different to the table?
  • What set of skills are you the best at?
  • Are you the only one doing it?

Try to be the best, better and only one and target your ideal customer. I guarantee you will be a step closer to achieving your goals.

For instance… thinking about the restaurant industry, as a foodie myself, choosing a restaurant is a full time job. It goes way beyond the menu. You are looking to book a full experience;  the emotions it provokes on you, its decor, branding, plates, colors, textures, neighborhood, etc. This applies to you too! Your clients will connect with YOU. Your vision, values and emotions aligned with your brand. You will attract those clients and customers. 

If you are here… you are probably thinking about building your own virtual coaching business

Sign up for our waitlist here! Don’t miss your spot. So how can you create your own success? Start by getting to know yourself and your capabilities. If you have any specific questions DM me, I’ll be happy to guide you further.

Virtual Coach Academy Waitlist


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