Hey there, a pisces right here. This surprises most people when they first hear it because they usually associate me with an earthy sign, but once they get to know me, water also makes sense.

I’m 28! And I feel SO young, I remember being on the fence about turning 25 and saying ‘after 25 it all goes downhill’. Excuse me, what?! I feel like I have so much ahead of me to learn, unlearn, achieve and enjoy. Life just keeps getting better and the more I grow, the more I trust God + The Universe to guide me.

I am deeply grateful to my younger self for believing in her dreams, dreaming BIG and going for it. Today with a company that has helped over 1,000 clients and patients reclaim their freedom and build their VERY own 6 figures companies from their living rooms. I can see so much power in sharing, so here are 28 lessons I would like to share with you. And if you want to go deeper into my whole journey, you can listen to one of the most downloaded episodes “How I became a successful virtual coach and how you can too”

Let’s get to it!

  1. If you keep wanting something is because it is for you. -ask yourself why you want it and take action
  2. Self growth can easily become a selfish route. -Check yourself constantly and make sure to include service in your journey
  3. You fall in love with the person your partner is today. They will evolve. To keep a relationship going you must constantly see them with eyes of curiosity. You never have someone truly “figured out” and that is great
  4. You don’t need to only read self-help books. While they are AWESOME, it is not the only cool or helpful genre
  5. Not everything works for everyone. Find and create your own toolbox but do make sure to update it somewhat regularly
  6. People don’t go to therapy or hire a coach because they have problems. We ALL have problems . Being able to go to therapy is a privilege yet also a choice. A few years ago, my husband and I made the choice to restructure our entire budget to prioritize therapy, I still think it has been one of the best decisions we have taken.
  7. You DO have an opinion. If you feel uneducated about it, ask questions, read, listen to podcasts and check your sources
  8. Nothing will change externally if you don’t change internally
  9. A change or a life upgrade will ultimately depend on 3 things and YES they are in order: mindset, habits and action
  10. Finances are not only about math, if they would, so many people wouldn’t be bankrupt. Math is part of it but not all of it
  11. You do accept the love you think you deserve. If you keep going back to the same kind of partner and it is not working out, check your mindset, choices, patterns and most of all, who you are BEING
  12. Changing your mind is more than okay. It is healthy and shows you are open to learning new things. But, maintaining your convictions is also more than okay as long as you are updating the reasons behind it.
  13. When you think the universe has previously given you all of the evidence why things don’t work out. Ask yourself but… what if it did? And also, are you the same person you were then?
  14. Abundance isn’t bulls**t. Go to the fruits and vegetables aisle and see how abundant the world is
  15. Having a healthy partner, a true support system and reciprocal friendships are just as -if not more- important than healthy foods and activity
  16. Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude and awareness
  17. Your body will sometimes speak louder than your mind. Don’t fail to listen to it. That back pain/knee pain/painful intercourse/constant migraines are not coming out of nowhere. They are your emotions speaking out
  18. Understanding your emotions may not be the easiest thing in the world but it IS SIMPLE
  19. Traveling enriches your soul and mind. Yet there is not one great way of traveling, your ideal way may look different than mine
  20. Speaking and new language (or learning a new instrument) gives you a whole other level of understanding
  21. You are never too old to learn something new. And certainly, you are not “too old” for certain behaviors, those behaviors were never okay, you just finally are aware of it and are accepting the whole truth of it
  22. There is not only one form of beauty
  23. Brain health is real, get sunlight, be active, share laughter, eat well most of the time, step out of your routine at times, engage in thoughtful conversations, sleep enough and sleep well
  24. Cancel culture is not cool. Boundaries are.
  25. Communicate clearly what you want/need and why, see how the rest unfolds- great habit to have and witness!
  26. Drink water constantly. Your everything will thank you
  27. As someone who lives her space and silence, shared experiences are MUCH more powerful.
  28. If someone didn’t ask for advice, ask if its okay to give some. There are three layers to a conversation, people (including yourself) may be looking just to be heard, an opinion or an advice

Bonus: I still have so much more to learn and that, is amazing

I wonder what new experiences are waiting for me in the years to come and am excited to welcome everything I still have yet to learn.

As I get older, I have been focusing more on self-reflection, self-awareness and a lot of soul-searching that takes me to where I want to be physically and emotionally. 

This is exactly the reason why I created Brain Gym. In fact, I spent years looking for a membership just like this one: a subscription that helped me flow through the day, make me feel energized from AM to PM and allow me to overflow my ideas with creativity in order to build the life I wanted. Truth is, after countless hours studying, taking courses, looking tirelessly for guided meditations, finding books and trying to change my mindset… I figured what better way for me to start working on myself and finding peace than by creating the thing I longed for the most! 

Ever since I’ve felt more confident, capable and energized to achieve everything I desire. This is my non-negotiable. This is my Netflix of Mindfulness. No doubt, this can be you too! What are you waiting for? For this one-time only, try the FREE TRIAL here


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